Friday, July 10, 2009

300th Post & 4th Pics!

It is the 300th Post! When we first started this blog at the beginning of 2007, I thought that it would document bringing Mario home to us. It has become a little family scrapbook for me to put pictures. I am happy there are still a few of you out there reading. It is nice to know that our story and our family is interesting enough to keep you coming back! :-) Even though I don't blog often, I do like to come back and look at how much my own kids have grown!

Our 4th of July was spent with my brother, Jack and his wife Vicki at their house! They had a combined birthday party for their 3 kids, Zach, Josh and Riley who all have summer birthdays! It was a beautiful day, and we had so much fun! Here are a lot of photos of the day (since I ran out and got a new camera card right before the party! :-)

My parents with their grandkiddos! (I took 8 pictures, and this is the best one I got with everyone looking in my general direction.)

Mario did NOT want to go on the swings alone... he loves his Sissy!

Zach and Mo look so serious!

This is my favorite pic... if you see the little Guat legs running, and ALL 4 kids chasing him!
awwwwwww, some Sissy and Riley love
Never a nice pic of Alli... why the face? Teenagers!
I loved this one, sweet!
Riley is so strong! :-)
I love Pap Pap who gives me chippies!
mmmmmm Chippies
Cousin Love
The Rohland Kiddos - Happy Birthday!


Riley Roo with her personalized back pack... soooo excited to go to school!
Riley with her Holly G Bows! We LOVE Holly's Bows!

ALL of the Bows in her hair... you can have custom bows, too... visit Hollys' site over there

Daddy and his girl

I love the expression on Riley's face! She loves that homemade ice cream cake... mmm, it was wonderful Vicki!
MAKE A WISH!!!!!!!!

Pap and Mario!----------->

me and my boy!

We even got a concert by Zachary... we said his Sax was ZachXY!


My sister-in-law is having her shower tomorrow and we hope she enjoys every second of it! We wish we could have been there! :-)))))))

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Mandy said...

Woooo! Congratulations on 300, here's to another 300. The pictures are great, your kiddos are gorgeous. AS for funny faces, I'm far from a teenager and still make them. Its just fun. The one of you and Mario is awesome. Have a great weekend Jill.

Rose said...

happy 300th post!

JuJu - said...

LOVE all the pics:) Your family is beautiful:) Alli gets her cuteness from her Mamma:)

Glad you guys had fun:) Love the cake - looks yummy:)

Hug you - from ME;)

Tracey said...

Jilly...its you! In some pics! I love it! AND I love your family...beautiful!!!

Hilary said...

Cute pictures!! Looks like everyone is enjoying the Summer and having fun playing outside :)..the cake looks yummy too!!!

Leslie said...

OHHH the kids are getting soooooo big!!!! i love summer fun!

Sandy said...

Happy 300 comments! The pictures are great. Gummie, Uncle Dan and I oooh'd, and ahhhh'd as we went through the pictures. The family looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

Aunt Sandy