Monday, July 27, 2009

Zoo & more

Jeff had this past week off, so we decided to just hang out with the kids as much as possible (well, for as long as we can get our 14 year old to slow down). It was a fantastic week of shopping, the zoo, eating out and relaxing. We all had a great time. Jeff even took the kids up to visit his parents and took the kids to the Lake. Since I am so slow at uploading pictures (I know, I know!) , I thought that I would start with the zoo pics!

We picked a great overcast day. It was warm, but not hot - and a weekday! There were not many people at all which made it SO much more enjoyable than last year (which I affectionately call it the "day of hot")! All of the animals were out and playful, and Mario walked the ENTIRE zoo... which, to be honest, sometimes I personally would like a adult sized stroller for. I was impressed by his energy and stamina! These are not in any real order, but I am just happy that they are up in less than a month from the event. There should be an award for summer posting! :-) looking at the lion (which Mo can say now!)
Isn't this a great shot... it was really a good zoo day!

Mo says "Girrrrraffe" now, too!
None of them are as tall as Big Ben (of course, the sign made Jeff roll his non-Steeler-loving eyes!)
This was Mario and Alli's favorite part... all of the elephants were in the elephant house eating! Mario says "Et-ta-tant!" and "Baby Et-Ta-Tant!" when he sees them... he went from equal parts of joy and panic in here... I went from equal parts of "aww how cute" to "that smells SO bad!'
Mo says BUM! lol!

I guess this sums it up....I usually want to hug her and choke her! lol!

Go Pens (yet another eye roll from the hubbs)

I just love my family!
We did a lot of THIS throughout the day - LOOK.. OVER THERE... do you SEE IT????
Mario sees this pic and says "Daddy - Hats!"

Me and my girlie!

Allison is still as busy as ever but is managing her schedule well. I am not keeping up as well as I would like! lol. Her cheer squad had a bake sale Thursday, Friday and Saturday which they made a great profit. Sunday, she volunteered at the assisted living complex that she has been helping with all summer. They had a festival from 11:30 to 6pm. She really gets a kick out of the residents. Her freshman orientation is the 12th of August... odd... odd that she will be a freshman... odd that in 4 short years, she will be leaving for college... that the next 4 years will I am sure, fly by in a blur of fun....odd that her dad will be her principal... and I will be sitting in the audience at orientation the mother of TWO ready for one to start high school and one not even in kindergarten... what a great life :-) I just need to breathe and take it all in before it goes by so fast...

Mario has now taken to saying LOTS of words in the past week that make me laugh. He says that dad is "mowing"... he now refers to our dog by his full name instead of just Murrs... he now calls him Murry which sounds more like "Moo-wee"...he says "What?" when Alli calls him - with the emphasis on the T at the end...he says "oh MAN!" ...he sings Old Mc Donald "e-i-e-i-oooooooo" with his lips pursed out with the ooooooo....and Itsy Bitsy Spider with adorable arm movements....of course, car, truck, hand... and all kinds of cute words that make me pick him up and kiss his "wittle neck"... this child is the most kissable thing ever.

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Mandy said...

VERY fun pictures. The zoo looks like it was a ton of fun and how awesome that Mo can say all those fun new things. Summer is flying by isnt it? I have mixed feelings about that one myself.

Anonymous said...

Mo is growing so fast! Just reading my text about Alli's schedule made me tired...LOL

Hilary said...

Love your Zoo pictures!! We just went to our zoo kiddos growing up it's crazy?! It all hit me like a ton of bricks when we where back to school shopping for shoes and the kids have both gone up 2 shoes made me tear up..I didn't approve this growning..hehe!! Time flies and our babies are GROWNING up....Have a great week..

Zac and Jenny said...

I love seeing these pictures. Facebook is fun... but I sure love reading the story behind the pictures on the blog!

Everyone has gone private or shut down their blog... you're is about the only one still open.

Keep up the good work Jill.


JuJu - said...

you guys are straight up gorgeous!

Trina G. said...

OMG, I remembber your post from last year at the zoo. glad this was a better year!
you look so young Jilli. You are gorgeous too.

Becca said...

Love, love, love the Zoo! What awesome pics - and the fabulous family time... Perfect day.

Peace and Hugs,

Anonymous said...

hot little arse in those jean shorts, love to pull those down and f--k her